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Lucane : About

Lucane is a groupware platform written in Java by Vincent Fiack ( It offers the usual groupware functions such as calendar, forum, instant messaging, file sharing... and may be easily extended by plugins. Lucane has an embedded database (hsqldb) but an external database (mySQL...) can be used instead of hsqldb. Users access Lucane by a Java client or a browser (IE, Mozilla...).

I have ported Lucane 0.7.4 on OpenVMS. Porting means testing all the functions, writing startup and shutdown procedures and creating a PCSI kit.

Lucane is a free software published under LGPL. Lucane for OpenVMS needs Java 1.4.1-2 or later. It MUST be installed on ODS5 volume if you plan to access it by a browser and not only by the Java client, otherwise it may be installed on ODS2 or ODS5 device. Lucane has been tested on Alpha but not on Itanium.

Thanks to :

  • Vincent Fiack (technical informations)
  • Julien Courtemanche (jvm setup)
  • Jean-Yves Bourles (tests)

Lucane : Screenshots

Lucane server and Java client

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Lucane : Download

The ZIP archive contains the PCSI kit of Lucane 0.7.4.

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Lucane : Installation

1. 1. Extract the PCSI kit from the ZIP archive


2. 2. Install the Lucane package to your chosen directory

The directory MUST be on ODS5 volume if you plan to access Lucane by a browser and not only by the Java client, otherwise it may be on ODS2 or ODS5 device.

By default, the installation procedure installs the Lucane package in the SYS$COMMON:[LUCANE-0_7_4] directory. To install it in dev:[dir.LUCANE-0_7_4], use the /DESTINATION parameter of the PRODUCT command.




3. Configure Lucane server

Modify the SERVER-CONFIG.XML file in SYS$COMMON:[LUCANE-0_7_4.SERVER.ETC] or dev:[dir.LUCANE-0_7_4.SERVER.ETC]

4. Start Lucane server in a detached process




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Lucane : News


  • Lucane 0.7.4 port

To do

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